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just as almost everyone else said, id like to see this concept expanded on with a more definitive story line and less repetition, but i still really enjoyed playing it! its charming and humorous and im absolutely in love with the design aspect of it. if you plan on making a more defined version, i also think it would be a good idea to have a few more variations in the store, as well as some more information on the company itself!! maybe they hold a secret... who knows... thats just a suggestion tho !!

Such a cool concept! I had an absolute blast exploring this cute game and all the little stories inside. The music was amazing, too! 10/10, would love to see this expanded further :))
(If you're interested in seeing some gameplay, it starts ~0:42!)


Lol I found it 

You said to let you know


I enjoyed this game a lot, but it felt quite short.

I'd gladly pay for a fully-fledged version of this game, maybe with a story to follow and more in-depth mechanics? :)


I'll have to repeat what everyone else said: I really liked the concept, I just wish it was longer.

I have reached 9999 coins? yen or something but it didnt save.. its fine tho still loved it.


Yeah, I'm sorry, the game doesn't have a save system.

Thanks for playing, and I'm glad you still enjoyed it!

Really cute little game! It was sad that Jane had to go though, and the emails started repeating right after :/ Sometimes several of the same ones within the same batch. Like others have said, the game could be expanded so much, like following up on everyone's story, various new problems that we need to solve, Jane making a cameo... should you want to :)

Really fun game! I bought everything in the shop and was expecting an ending, but didn't get it, so I assumed there was none and came back to check the comments. Maybe add other upgrades/a longer story, like when the exploit gets patched, or an advertising company is unwhitelisted, etc.

very cute, the customization is great! love the lil dialogue bits, if you added more that would be amazing! thank you for your hard work! Adrian made me smile :)) 

Can you PLEASE make this available for MacOS? It looks so interesting!


Heccing good game, also I found your hidden message. :D


This was such a cute little game! I really had fun playing it and enjoyed myself!

Unfortunately, when I tried to play this game, my mouse kept on jumping out of the window. I suspect the game didn't properly capture my pointer. A pity too, as it seems pretty fun!


i have a constant suspicion that this is a psycological horror game


This game needs to be a full on simulator with much more options. I loved it so much. I hope to see more games from you in the future.


was that,,, a nakeyjakey reference,,,,,

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Maybe ;)


Everyone knows if your ancestors weren't bombed in Hiroshima, you don't get to use the yen.


absolutely loved your game. all this email approving filled a long empty hole in my heart. thanks!


Love it.


i found a glith were the email that says you won a bajillion buck isnt considered spam


if you read the email you will see that it isnt a spam

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IURP: Sodbhu

WR: Kbrkqrr

Khoor wr brx wrr :)

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Caesar Cipher, My favorite one after Freemason Cipher :)

FROM: Player

TO: Hyohnoo

Hello to you too :)

I found your message. I'm really happy for you! I'm also working on a game and I know how hard it is getting to the point you can finally let people play. It's really good for a month's work. Keep it up!


This game is really fun to play. I like the artstyle and music. Some of the cursors are so cute/well made that I'd love to use them for my actual computer. It'd be cool if our decisions could change the dialogue instead of it just being random. For instance, when that one guy sends a birthday party invitation to the kid that (I assume) rats on him. If we don't send it, the party goes great and the guy asks why the other kid didn't show up. That would add another layer to the game which would really improve the game.


I agree this sounds like a good idea


I really liked this game. The messages were funny and the old interface really fit the theme. I hope you will make more to this. Maybe you can add a small story? 


I had fun playing. Some emails were entertaining to read.


Very fun and super adorable!  Would love to see more.


hey hyohnoo i use gamemaker studio 2 too!


Very cute, I liked it a lot! I wish there was more content though. Sequel when? lol


for anyone wondering the cipher is a -- d

AKA Caesar


Hey this game was freaking adorable! I love older computer model aesthetics and i'm super into the cutesy backgrounds and things you can buy, a full computer thing like this would be amazing... here is my play of it!


I loved this game! It was really unique and inspiring to play. I can't wait to see what else you create :D I made a video if you'd like to see my personal reaction. Thank you for this game <3

Thank you so much for playing!

I’m glad you enjoyed it :)


It's fun, cute, easy to play, but it gets old pretty quick after you've bought all the things and the e-mails just start repeating themselves...needs a proper ending or like "the game is done (but you can keep playing indefinetly if you want!)"


I really like the game! I love how relaxing yet fun it is~

(Ps. I read you email Hyohnoo >w< really cute thx)


Thank you for playing!

I never thought someone would actually read that haha :)


Fun game! The game will be longer if more emails and more types of emails are added. Well-done!


Hey there! Fun game! After having to explain to my brother what Ceasar cypher was and why I have been typing weird things on the screen for the past ten minutes, I have to say, that was pretty fun. Keep it up! :3


Fun game!

The gameplay of sorting friend from fake is satisfying. Getting better at it and sorting more e-mails more quickly feels rewarding.
The sound design gives a great, optimistic feeling, and the e-mails are uplifting. It's a cozy game that dips its chip in old computer nostalgia.

I wish there was a proper ending. I bought everything in the shop expecting that to do something, but nothing happened.

Telling authentic from spam feels a little off when I keep seeing the same personal letters over and over. It makes everything feel like spam.
The same events happen over and over, and the humor of each individual email drops off a lot. A formal ending would help the player not run the game's content dry.
As-is, it feels like it's saying
"Is there more content? I dunno. See for yourself ;)"
[15 minutes later]
"The answer is 'no'. Go away :)"

I feel like the player should have a little more control over what happens story-wise. For example, I'd be happy to get docked a little bit of money to prevent that kid from getting grounded.
This is the kind of control I was expecting from the send-or-spam premise. The questions of "do I let companies' spam go through?" and "should I let aliens take over the planet?" are asked, but the player doesn't get to answer them - it's left to "do what your job tells you, your individual impact doesn't matter."

That said, the writing of the individual e-mails is very charming the first time through, and it's fun to piece together the individual lives of each person. More e-mails, more characters, and more interconnected world moments would really make the game shine.

Moral of the story: make an ending! I feel so unfulfilled from this game petering off. Give us a solid 6-foot plank, not an 8-foot with 2 feet of shattered edge. Trim that 2 feet of rubbish off.


fun game but i feel it needs more reasons to send or delete, like if the sponsored e-mails changed sometimes

how do I start it

it opens and runs but emails wont come in is there a wait time?

The emails should appear in a few seconds.

You need to send that initial email you get.

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Cute game! It's a simple concept but incredibly stylish. The music was awesome. There was a nice sense of progression in the things the player has to keep in mind before sending or deleting and email. The Store was a good way to reward the player as well! I made a video with my commentary and experiences. Keep up the great work! 


Thanks a lot for playing and the nice words :) I'm glad you enjoyed it, the mails and the music!

I cant play the game because it isnt in Fullscreen and my mouse is coming out of the game when i go too much to the left.

Sorry to hear that.

There is a fullscreen option in the settings menu that you can access through the start button. 

I know but i cant click it because my mouse goes out of the game when i want to go to the fullscreen option

You can press F11 to exit out of fullscreen in the new version. Hope this fixes your problem. 

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No, i need to get into the fullscreen

Edit: Got it! Thanks!

What's the default?

1. Windowed

2. Fullscreen

The default mode is fullscreen

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