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hey, I m currently working on a project using your asset. you may try it out!

Hello,  we just made a little game last week end and we used your asset. If you want to check

These are quite simple, but really well done!  I can't wait to use them!

Really great ! I'll use my project and sure ! with your credit !

Totally useful!

WOW really good

Really cool, been looking for something like this for so long! Thank you and I'll make sure to credit you.

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How are we supposed to credit you?
Also nice!

This asset is great. One question. Do you plan on expanding out into the symbol set for these keys? I am making a hacking game and would love the symbols too


Yes i'm planning on adding more symbols and more fonts and designs very soon. :)

Actually i've already started. I ended up making a word game since I didn't have the other char set and didn't want to make one :D. Here's an android apk to check out my progress.