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Why does it take paypal only? 


That's an issue for me as well. Is there another way to buy this pack? (doesn't matter if it costs a little more)

That's just

that's not itch, as everything else on the store seems to be able to pay with card. 

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Hi, Hyohnoo. You have a great set of icons I would like to buy. What are the terms of use?

Is there a better way to communicate?


Hello Amethyst. 

You can use the pack however you like. Credit not mandatory but appreciated.

If you want to contact me my dms are open on Twitter and I have a Discord #Hyohnoo4240 .

Have a great day :)


Great! I just sent a friend request via Discord.


i bought this for €0.91 because it is on sale at the moment of posting 50% off
from the thumbnail it looks like you used nice colors i am checking the pack now...
...looks like nice qualtiy :) comes with aseprite files, pngs and psds i would kindly ask for pngs of every button on its own? it would be convient for making quick protoypes.

Any plans for Steam Controller?

great pack definately woth the money!